How to make delicious melon carp dish delicious as restaurant for rainy days

How to make delicious melon carp dish delicious as restaurant for rainy days

Enjoy the dish of braised carp in any weather is also attractive.

Braised carp carp, a dish that seems familiar to many people because it is a delicious dish easy to eat and suitable for cold and hot weather.


– 1 carp
– Fat meat (I choose the fat with less meat)
– Pickles
– Tomatoes, vinegar suddenly
– Ginger, dry onions, turmeric, scallions, dill, chili.


Step 1: With braised carp dishes, I love braising with pork fat to eat. So I bought fatty meat, washed it, cut it into pieces and fry the fat and take out the tip to separate, the fat will be used to fry the fish.

Step 2: Carp hit scales, abdominal surgery, cleaning. Tang on sugar on fish surface. Pour a little salt into the fish belly that has been washed, blot dry. Put the fish in a pan and fry it through the fish until the jaundice is fine. For braised carp dishes you can fry or not fried fish also. But I like to fry through the fish to reduce the fishy smell.

Step 3: Wash tomatoes, add areca nut and fry with fat (or cooking oil).

Step 4: Next, squeeze the watermelon and stir fry with water, seasoning to taste. You put ginger and shredded ginger to stir well if you like spicy food. Stir-fried melon if you want to increase the acidity, you can make a bowl of small steps. The amount of water in the pot must be made so that until the fish are added, the ginseng faces.

Step 5: Braised water boiled with water, let carp, grease and less turmeric powder (or freshly ground turmeric) to braise.

Step 6: Turn over the fish once while braising so that the fish will absorb both sour, spicy, salty sides. Flip gently to avoid crushing the fish. The fish infused with the flavor of your onion sprinkled, diced into the pot and north.

Step 7: Braised carp hot melon is delicious, so this dish people often put fish into a stainless steel plate or still in the pot to cook and eat. You should eat this dish with noodles and raw vegetables to balance with the sour, spicy, hot dish. If you like you can dry onions to sprinkle on this dish when eating offline!

The dish is served with rice vermicelli and raw vegetables combined with the mild sourness of the melon and the sweetness of the carp, even if the weather is hot, it is still a great dish for your family to enjoy.

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