Sweet and delicious mango pearl tea is delicious and delicious

Sweet and delicious mango pearl tea is delicious and delicious

To make pearl mango tea you need to prepare the following ingredients:

50g glutinous rice flour

25g tapioca flour

250g mango

150g of fresh milk

1 box of vanilla ice cream or coconut flavor


Step 1

Glutinous rice flour mixed with tapioca flour then add a moderate amount of water to the stuffing. You should add water slowly, if too thick, then add water!

Step 2

After the dough is thoroughly stuffed, you roll the dough into small balls and then boil the pot of water on the stove to boil. When the water boils, add pearls to boil, when the pearls float to the surface of the water, change the clear color, take out the basket and flush with cold water.

Step 3

Ripe mango peeled, only take the meat and chopped. 200g of mango is put into a blender and pureed with fresh milk, the remaining 50g of mango is diced.

Step 4

Blended mango into the refrigerator to cool. When you eat, put the mango into a bowl with pearls, cut the pomegranate seeds and 1 spoon of ice cream.

Finished products

The tropical climate gives us lots of fresh and rich fruits! Therefore, desserts also become more diverse with many options and ways of processing. You should try making this pearl mango tea, the processing is extremely simple and the flavor is free.

I wish you success with this way of making mango bubble tea!

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