The plum plum is blooming, making plum syrup and plum jam according to this recipe is delicious

The plum plum is blooming, making plum syrup and plum jam according to this recipe is delicious

Do you know how to make fresh plums into convenient, delicious, and long-lasting dishes for long-term use when the plums are out of season?

The plum season is in full swing and tastes best around June and July. The summer is hot, taking a sip of delicious, cool plum syrup, how pleasant!

Plums in the right season are very delicious, eat forever and not boring and can be processed into many attractive dishes and drinks

Ms.  Khuat Thi Kieu Van  – a familiar lecturer in the classes of making buttercream cake, vegetable jelly, housewife shared a lot of good ideas for you with simple, easy to make and extremely delicious food and drinks. Appetite from plums:

  • Fresh plum jam  for breakfast with bread is very fast, sour, sweet and sweet, the smell of plum is very pleasant and can be stored in the refrigerator to use.
  • Plum syrup  for beautiful color when mixed, very eye-catching and attractive to children. Also plum syrup can also be used to make  3D jelly cake is  also very delicious.

Check out the recipe  for plum syrup  and  plum jam  to make your hands ready for this summer:

How to make these two dishes is extremely simple, each step is as follows:

How to make plum syrup:


– 1kg of fresh plums (choose fruits that are medium-sized, not deep or crushed)

– 05kg of white sugar.

– A little white crystalline salt

Step 1:  Plums bought and washed, soaked in salt water diluted for 40 minutes and then picked out to drain. If it is not dry, wipe it off with a clean towel to remove the thin crust to prevent the jam from getting bitter.

Step 2:  Cut the plum meat, remove the seeds. If the plum is ripe, you can complement it like a lemon and then rotate the halves in the opposite direction to split and easily take the plum seeds. Doing so will help the plum meat to be crushed. If the plum is not very ripe, it will be difficult to rotate the seeds, you can cut down the cheeks and then take the remaining meat later.

Multi-seeded plum and peeled, ready to soak

Step 3:  After separating the seeds and taking the plum meat, you start to soak the sugar, spread a layer of sugar on a layer of sugar on top, cover the box to let the plum itself water. Occasionally, you can bump up the prunes evenly.

Soak until the plum is softened (about 5 to 7 hours)

Just soak one layer of plums, one layer of sugar, okay

Step 4:  Remove the plum juice (do not take all, leave a little to make the jam), put in boiling for 15 minutes, then north to cool, put the plum syrup in clean, dry glass jars and storage in the fridge. So we have delicious plum Siro!

Plum syrup can be used immediately or used in a refrigerator. You can mix it with water, add some ice as a refreshment, or use it to mix colors, taste food, salads.

Step 5:  The remaining plum and the plum juice are left in the blender blender, then put in a simmer and simmer for 15 minutes. Remember to add 1 teaspoon of salt to taste. While boiling, stirring occasionally. If you like sweet can add sugar when boiling, I like sour jam so do not add sugar. Jam after cooking, cool, then put in a clean, dry glass jar, store in the refrigerator will be used for long.

The finished product has very nice colored plum jam!


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